Friend of Youth Fund

School Staff Can Nominate for Those in Need

The “Friend of Youth Fund” is a fund available to assist youth in need in our community. This initiative is brought to you by the Optimist Club of Brooklin in accordance with our guiding principle, friend of youth. The Optimist Club of Brooklin is a non-profit organization working to serve local and families.

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Teachers know who is in need

Teachers are often the first people to recognize children with their community who are lacking in some way – coming to school hungry, not having appropriate clothing or footwear, or being unable to see the board properly due to lack of funds for eyeglasses. Dedicated teachers often help such cases as much as they can, but may be limited by their own resources. We believe that there are children in our community with unmet needs whom we would like to help. We recognize that teachers in schools are in a unique position to have awareness and the means to address the gaps experienced by these youth. We are excited at the opportunity to provide help to the Brooklin youth in a unique, targeted and discrete way.

The fund is available to teachers to address a need of an individual child or children that is in need. It is our plan to help with expenses such as but not limited to winter clothing, proper footwear, lunch food or eyeglasses to see the board. The fund is intended to assist youth within the community of Brooklin.

How does it work? The requesting teacher forwards a completed application to The application will be considered on a case by case basis.


Applications can be obtained on our website for more details.

The fund is currently being offered to elementary schools in Brooklin, Ontario.